Rotary Districts Peace Cities & Communities... making the world a more peaceful place,
by Building Bridges with Sister Cities International one Rotary Peace City at a time.
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Rotary Peace Cities
This is the new information Cyberhub for Rotary Peace Cities in Thailand, Philippines, Asia and around the world.


The Rotary Peace City Project and the (then) Rotary Peace Symbol Project were introduced to the 1993 Melbourne World Rotary Convention by Past President Tony Quinlivan. This program originally initiated out of the Rotary Club of Wagga Wagga - Kooringal D9700 in 1992, where the City of Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia, was the first declared Rotary Peace City in the world.... Now there are over sixty Rotary Peace Cities.

Having had a long association with the Philippines, back in the mid 90's we had the honor of taking the Program to Manila in the Philippines, where around the time of the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Rotary Club of Manila, (Chartered by the Rotary Club of Seattle, Washington State) the City of Manila, Philippines, became the first declared International Rotary Peace City - declared on Manila Foundation Day by Rotarian Mayor Alfredo Lim, former Police Commander of the Western Police District.... by Rotarian Geoffrey Little - Dean of Rotary Peace Ambassadors.

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Newest Rotary Peace Pole at Marin Civic Center for Int'l Day of Peace 9/21/2015 attended by Government and civilian leaders and UNA-SF as well as Pathways to Peace founder Avon Mattison.

Special Rotary Peace Ambassador (me) in front of RI President Tanaka's Peace Symposium Peace Pole.

These are just some of the Rotary Peace Cities that visited us at the Rotary International Convention 2012 in Bangkok in May.

Our Peace Pole presentation to Rotary President Tanaka in Bangkok.


ROCKS (Rotary Club of Koh Samui)

Children's Projects: from free ice cream on Children's Day to Peace Poles in flower gardens new roofs and entire buildings and libraries in Temple schools across Koh Samui.
The FIRST Rotary Peace Schools and Gardens on Samui, Thailand are pictured below.

Banner Exchange with Rotary Sister Clubs, newest Rotary Peace Cities, Schools and Gardens.... January 2008
Rotary Peace Cities - building Goodwill and Better Friendships

Rotary District 9700 Community Peace Cities & Communities

Wagga Wagga, NSW, 2650, Australia (First Peace City in the World) 23/2/1993.
R/C of Wagga Wagga Kooringal, D9700. Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia. Initiated by Tony Quinlivan.
Manila, Philippines. (First Peace City in Asia)  22/6/1994 R/C of Manila, Philippines, D3810. Initiated by Geoffrey Little, Edgie De Asis and Osky Gonzales.
Port Washington. Wisconson, USA (First Peace City in USA)  15/8/1995
R/C of Port Washington, D7250, Port Washington, Wisc USA.Initiated by Mike Milas & Barrett Genson.
Kobe, Japan (First Peace City in Japan)  23/11/1995
R/C of Kobe Rocco, D2680, Kobe, 650 Japan. Initiated by Moto Nishimura. Japan
Ibaraki, Japan  1995
R/C of Ibaraki, D2660, Ibaraki, Osaka, Japan. Initiated by Moto Nishimura and Kenji Nakamura.
East London (First Peace City in South Africa)  23/2/1996
R/C of Arcadia, D9320, East London, South Africa. Initiated by Hans Botha,
Honolulu, Hawaii  USA  (First Peace City in the Pacific) 23/2/1996
R/C of East Los Angeles & Lavern, D5300, Los Angeles Ca USA. Initiated by Moto Nishimura, Geoffrey Little & Gene Grounds.
East Hiroshima, Japan  5/6/1996
R/C of Higashi Hiroshima, D2710. Hiroshima, Japan. Initiated by Moto Nishimura.
Cannes, France.(First Peace City in France & Europe)  5/6/1996
R/C of Le Cannet-Mandelieu, D1730 , Cannes France. Initiated by Gerard Cannet & Moto Nishimura
Los Angeles City & County, California, USA  14/6/1996
R/Cs of East Los Angeles and Lavern, D5000, L/A Ca. USA. Initiated by Paul Warner & David Beltran.
Milledgeville & Baldwin County, Georgia, USA. (First Peace County in USA)  18/7/1996
R/C of Milledgevile, D6920, Milledgeville, Ga USA. Initiated Brad Oliver
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (First Peace City in Mexico) 1996   initiated by Jeffrey A. Reiss, San Rafael
R/C of Puerto Vallarta.and R/C of Terra Linda

Windhoek, Namibia. 1996
R/C of Windhoek, D9350, Windhoek, Namibia, Africa. Initiated by Hugh Mortimer.
Gifu City, Japan. 1997
R/C of Gifu East, D2630. Gifu 500, Japan. Initiated by Moto Nishimura
Zamboanga City, Philippines, (First Peace City in Mindanao) 9/10/1997
R/C of Zamboanga, D3850, Philippines. Initiated by Geoffrey Little, Anton Mari Lim & Horace ‘Okee’ Friend
Parksville, British Columbia, Canada (First Peace City in Canada) 19/12/1997
R/C of Parksville, D5020 British Columbia Canada. Initiated by Anton Lim & BashirEl-Khalafawi.
Coolamon, NSW, 2701, Australia. 26/1/1998
R/C of Coolamon, D9700, NSW, 2701, Australia. Initiated by Neil Munro
Lockhart, NSW, 2656,Australia. 23/2/1999
R/C of Lockhart, D9700, NSW, 2656 Australia. Initiated by John & Dawn Smith.
Makati, Philippines, 23/2/1999-
R/C of Makati San Lorenzo, D3830,Makati, Philippines. Initiated by Maridel Villavicencio.
Davao City, Philippines, 26/2/1999
R/C of Davao City, D3860, Davao City, Philippines. Initiated by Geoffrey Little & Elisa Tay.
Mill Valley, California, USA. 30/4/1999.
R/C of Mill Valley, D5150, Mill Valley 94241 Ca USA. Initiated by
Jeffrey Reiss, San Rafael

Forbes, NSW, 2871 Australia. 29/5/98.
R/C of Forbes, D9700, NSW, 2656, Australia. Initiated by Geoffrey Little & Dominic Williams
Yokneam, Israel, (First Peace City in the Middle East), 6/6/99
R/C of Yokneam, D2490, Israel. Initiated by Geoffrey Little & Sagi Bar-Levi
Lusaka, Zambia (First Peace City in Zambia), June 1999.
R/C of Lusaka Central, D9210, Zambia. Initiated by Harshad Davalia.
Waitakere City, New Zealand, (First Peace City in New Zealand), 11/8/1999
R/Cs of Waitakere City & Henderson, D9910, NZ. Initiated by Bob Benzie
Quezon City, Philippines 9/12/1999
R/Cs of Quezon City D3780 Philippines. Initiated by Emmy Ortiz
Chennai Kilpauk City, Tamil Nadu, India. (First Peace City in India). 20/12/99
R/C of Chennaio Kilpauk, D3230. Initiated by Pres. Shanti Samuel Eddy.
Cebu City, Philippines, 25/2/2000
R/C’s Metro Cebu & Banilad Metro, D3860. Initiated by Geoffrey Little
Bathurst, NSW Australia 23/2/2000
R/C’s Bathurst, Bathurst Daybreak, Bathurst East, Bathurst Macquarie D9700
Goulburn, NSW Australia, 5/5/2000
R/C,s Goulburn, Goulburn Argyle, Goulburn Mulwaree, NSW D9710. Initiated by Noel Trevaskis
Curepipe, Mauritius, 24/6/2000
R/C of Cureoipe, D9220. Initiated by Clifford Rose.
Cowra, NSW Australia, 15/10.2000
R/C of Cowra, NSW D9700, Initiated by Don Collins
Beau Bassin/Rose Hill, Mauritius, 12/11/2000
R/C of Beau Bassin Rose Hill D9220, Initiated by Berty Malabar
Saipan Island, Northern Marianas - 17/11/2000
R/C of Sapian, D2750, Initiated by Glen V Perez
San Rafael, Marin County, Ca, USA 01/01/2001
R/C of San Rafael, D5150. Initiated by
Jeffrey Reiss

Tigre, Beunos Aires, Argentina. 24/03/01
R/C of Tigre, D4820, Initiated by Patricia Monica Sontag Baigros
San Juan Province &San Juan City, Argentina. 06/04/01 (First Peace Province)
R/C’s San Juan, D4860. Initiated by Patricia Monica Sontag Baigros & Graciela Moya de Segovia
Concepcion, S.J, Argentina. 06/04/01
R/C of Concepcion, D4860. Initiated by Patricia Monica Sontag Baigros & Graciela Moya de Segovia
Desamparados, S.J, Argentina. 06/04/01
R/C of Desamparados, D4860. Initiated by Patricia Monica Santos Baigros & Graciela Moya de Segovia
Trinidad, S.J, Argentina. 06/04/01
R/C of Trinidad, D4860. Initiated by Patricia Monica Santos Baigros & Graciela Moya de Segovia
Rawson, S.J, Argentina. 06/04/01
R/C of Rawson, D4860. Initiated by Patricia Monica Santos Baigros & Gracelia Moya de Segovia
Caucete, S.J, Argentina. 06/04/01
R/C of Mendoza, D4860. Initiated by Patricia Monica Santos Baigros & Graciela Moya de Segovia
Albardon, S.J, Argentina. 06/04/01
R/C of Albardon, D4860. Initiated by Patricia Monicsa Santos Baigros & Graciela Moya de Segovia
Chimbas, S.J, Argentina. 06/04/01
R/C of Chimbas, D4860. Initiated by Patricia Monica Santos Baigros & Graciela Moya de Segovia
Rivadavia, S.J, Argentina.06/04/01
R/C of Rivadavia, D4860. Initiated by Patricia Monica Santos Baigros & Graciela Moya de Segovia
Santa Lucia,S.J, Argentina. 06/04/01
R/C of Santa Lucia. D4860.. Initiated by Patricia Monica Santos Baigros & Graciela Moya de Sergovia
Mendoza, Mendoza,  Argentina. 06/04/01
R/C’s of Mendoza, D4860. Initiated by Graciela Moya de Segovia
Paranaque City, Philippines. 23/02/02
R/C of Paranaque Metro, D3830. Initiated by Maridel B Villavicencio & Patricia “Marge” Lamberte
Zemun Belgrade, Yugoslavia - 09/04/02
R/C of Zemun, Belgrade, D2480. Initiated by Pres Slobonan Vukovic.
Surigao, Philippines. 09/04/02
R/C of Metro Surigao, D3860. Initiated by Edgardo G Vazquez & Geoffrey Little
Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina. 11/05/02
R/C of Comodoro Rivadavia, D4930. Initiated by Patricia Monica Santos Baigros &Gustavia Granillo
Ikeda City, Osaka, Japan. 23/02/2003
R/C of Ikeda City, D2660. Initiated by Moto Nishimura & Koumyo Matsuo
Butuan City, Philippines 7th February 2004
R/C of Butuan City D3860 Initiated by Carlito ‘CK” Kwo  & Maridel Villavicencio
Bahia Blanca, Argentina 3rd July 2004
R/C of Bahia Blanca New Generations D4930 by Patricia Sontag
Samui Island, Thailand (First Peace City in Thailand 2009)  initiated by Jeffrey A. Reiss, San Rafael
Pattaya City, Thailand 2009  initiated by Geoffrey Little and Neils Colov, R/C of Pattaya
Kitimat, Canada 7/2012  initiated by Eleanor Kendall R/C of Kitimat
R/C's of Battle Ground, Washington, 7/17/2011
initiated by Claire Lider
R/C's of Portland, Oregon 11/7/2011, initiated by Lou Radja
R/C of Tigard, Oregon 12/20/2011, initiated by Birol Yesilada
R/C's of Newberg, Oregon,8/6/2012, initiated by Fred Gregory and DG Mike Caruso
R/C Forest Grove, Oregon,12/10/12, initiated by Larry Hatch
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