Rotary Districts Peace Cities & Communities... making the world a more peaceful place,
by Building Bridges with Sister Cities International one Rotary Peace City at a time.
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World Peace Center

The World Peace Center is located at the Samui Island Peace Gardens on a gorgeous white beach in the South of Thailand...on the Gulf of Siam.
We have Solar lighting, eco-gardening, tropical fragrant gardenias, Peace Poles  and a complete Cyber center to connect the many Peace workers worldwide, and their NGO's - UNICEF, Rotary, Sister Cities and Culture of
Special emphasis is put on current and planned events, and upcoming tours
 and the next Rotary World Peace Symposium in Bangkok in 2012.
A Rotary Peace Forum will be held in Honolulu in January 2013, with a focus on New Generations and Rotary Sister Clubs and Sister Cities. "Peace Through Service"
Stay tuned...and May Peace Prevail On Earth.
World Peace Through Rotary Service is one of our goals as well.

Building Bridges of co-operation and support in service
of world peace and understanding.

Rotary motto  Service Above Self
Sister Cities International - Global Co-operation and local volunteer service.
Marriott's motto 
Spirit to Serve

Montessori Schools- teaching peace and co-operation.
UNICEF- supporting the rights of the child.
Pathways to Peace- International Day of Peace September 21 annually (with 250 Partner organizations) a (501c3) organization to promote a culture of peace and support the United Religions Initiative (URI)
Building Bridges is located at the World Peace Center in Thailand, with Headquarters in Asia on Samui Island with adjunct offices with  the World Peace Envoy.
In January 2013 we will attend the Rotary Peace Forum in Honolulu, which is one of the very first Rotary Peace Cities.
This years' theme is "Peace Through Service".   
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